BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina, 1971
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BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina, 1971

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BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina, year 1971. Colour Golf yellow (code 070) with a black interior. This 3.0 CSL comes from the first series of 169 3.0 CSL's built. The CSL's were based upon the 3.0 CS but fitted with lightweight parts like aluminium hood, boot lid and doors, special glass, Alpina 14" alloy wheels etc. This car features special factory options like a boot lock and an original toolkit. More model information. This BMW 3.0 CSL was tuned to Alpina B2S specifications. The car features special modifications to the engine: 3003 cc. cylinder capacity (2985 cc standard), special pistons, three twin choke Weber carburettors (2 Zenith carburettors standard), special Alpina air-box, limited slip differential and modified suspension to cope with the additional power.


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Traditionally BMW creates a beautifully shaped coupe next to the sedan model in every model series. The fantastic BMW CS (type E9) was introduced in the year 1968 as BMW 2800 CS. The CS was based upon and the successor of the 2000 CS (E120) which saw the light of day in 1965. The E9 looked much more purposeful with it's longer bonnet and four round head lamps!
In 1971 the CS was given a stronger 3.0 Litre engine (3.0 CS). In the year 1972 the engine was fitted with petrol injection (3.0 CSi). To have the 3.0 CS accepted for the European Touringcar Championships BMW Motorsport created a special 'homologation' model in the year 1971: the 3.0 CSL (Leicht). The 3.0 CSL can be considered the first 'M' BMW. The factory had to built around 1000 CSL's to get the car accepted. The CSL was based upon CS bodywork and mechanics but fitted with lightweight parts like aluminium doors, hood and boot lid, special light weight glass, light alloy wheels etcetera. The CSL was around 200 kilograms lighter then the standard 3.0 CS. The CSL in racing trim became very successful in the European Touring car Championships. The pinnacle of the CSL era were the heavy spoilered 'Batmobiles' with engines tuned up to 400 - 500 bhp! These cars won all the Touringcar Championships from 1975 until 1979!
After the oil crisis in the year 1973 BMW introduced an 'economy' model, the 2.5 CS with a less thirsty 2.5 Litre engine. the 2.5 CS engine produced 150 bhp., the contemporary 3.0 CSi kicked out 200 horses.
The BMW E9 CS models are all fantastic driver oriented automobiles with fantastic road holding. The powerful and high revving six cylinder engines are mere pieces of art, the smoothest, superb performing and best sounding straight sixes ever fitted to a car. In total approximately 30.546 BMW E9 CS cars were built. Amongst these 11.063 BMW 3.0 models of which approx. 1229 3.0 CSL models (including race cars). With 844 cars produced the 2.5 CS is a very rare E9 version. The BMW E9 CS was succeeded by the BMW 630 CSI (E24).

Technical data

6 cylinder in-line engine (type M30) tuned to Alpina B2S specification
cylinder capacity: 3003 cc.
carburettors: 3 x twin choke Weber
capacity: 215 DIN bhp. at 6000 rpm.
top-speed: 220 km/h.
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 7.5 sec.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual (Getrag)
weight: 1093 kg.

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