Citroen SM, 1971
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Citroen SM, 1971

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Citroen SM, year 1971. Top class restored to concours (show) condition.


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In the year 1968 Citroën took over the firm of Maserati. This resulted in beautiful cars combining the best of both brands. Maserati presented the beautiful Khamsin and Citroën gave us the breath taking SM. Since the early 1960'ies Citroën was thinking about a top of the line GT model above the DS. After the Maserati take over the time was right for such a car. In March 1970 the SM was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The SM was designed by Robert Opron and it was powered by a Maserati 2.7 V6 engine. The automobile was very well received by the press and the public. From start the SM was admired for its fantastic design and it's tremendous combination of comfort and sportivity. De merger of the unique Citroen Hydro pneumatic suspension and the Maserati V6 made the SM a fast and comfortable GT. The road holding was excellent and it was complimented by the revolutionary, speed dependent, DIRAVI power steering system. It is hard to believe but the SM entered the rally championships! In 1971 the car even won the harsh Moroccan rally! From 1970 the SM was powered by a 2.7 Litre engine fitted with three double Weber carburettors. From the year 1973 the V6 engine was given petrol injection, increasing the power output from 170 up to 180 bhp. Between the years 1970 and 1976 12.920 Citroën SM cars were built.

Technical data

Maserati V6 engine (C114-1)
Cylinder capacity: 2670 cc.
Carburettors: 3 double Weber (42 DCNF)
Capacity: 170 DIN bhp. at 5500 rpm.
Torque: 230 Nm. at 4000 rpm.
Top-speed: 220 km/h.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 8,3 sec.
Brakes: disc brakes all round
Gearbox: 5-speed, manual
Weight: 1460 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers