Delahaye 235 coupe by Chapron, 1951
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Delahaye 235 coupe by Chapron, 1951

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Delahaye 235 with coupe bodywork by Chapron, year 1951. Colour bronze metallic with a green leather interior and brown carpet matching the body colour. This beautiful Delahaye 235 coupe was sold new in France. Only 84 built, a scarce
and delightful automobile.


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The Delahaye 235 was presented at the Paris Motor Show in the year 1951 as successor of the prewar Delahaye 135. As the prewar models the 235 was sold 'chassis only'. Several famous coachbuilders created beautiful bodywork for the 235 like Henri Chapron, Figoni et Falashi and Saoutchik. The 235 coupe by Chapron was the most common body on the 235 chassis. The automobile featured a modern enveloping bodywork with the front wings fully integrated in the body shape. With the more classic styled rear wings a subtle hint to the past was given. The interior was luxurious yet modest and pure.
The Delahaye 235 was powered by the 3.6 Litre engine formerly used in the prewar 135MS. The engine was fitted with three Solex downdraught carburettors and a Cotal 4-speed preselector gearbox. The Delahaye 235 was an attempt by the firm to reintroduce the grandeur of the prewar 'Grand Routiers' but times had changed after the second world war. In the year 1954 the factory was taken over by Hotchkiss and shortly there after the production of Delahaye automobiles ended. Only 84 chassis have been built from 1951 until 1954.

Technical data

Six cylinder in line engine
Cylinder capacity: 3557 cc.
Carburettors: 3 x Solex downdraught type
Capacity: 152 bhp. at 4200 rpm.
Torque: 302 Nm at 2500 rpm.
Gearbox: 4-speed, Cotal pre-selector
Top speed: 170 km/h.
Weight: 1500 kg.

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