Lotus Europa Special, 1974
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Lotus Europa Special, 1974

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Lotus Europa Special TC (Typ 74), Jahr 1974. Farbe rot kombiniert mit einem schwarzen Kunstlederinterieur und schwarzem Teppich. Dieses fantastische Lotus Europa Special ist ausgestattet mit dem bekannten Lotus ‚Big Valve‘ Vierzylinder-Twin-Cam-Motor mit 1600 ccm Zylinderleistung. Der Motor leistet 126 PS, was mehr als genug für sehr sportliche Leistung in diesem sehr leichten (740 kg) Auto ist! Dieser Lotus Europa ist in einem sehr guten Zustand. Das Auto verfügt über ein authentisches Schiebe- / Faltdach und original Lotus-Leichtmetallräder.


The Lotus Europa / Europe was the first mid-engined raod car built by Lotus. The Europa was originally built in cooperation with Renault. The Lotus Europa incorporated many parts of the Renault 16 like the engine and the transmission. The Lotus Europa was built with a steel chassis on which a GRP bodywork was placed. In thje S1 model 1967 - 1969 the body was fixed to the chassis, in the S2 models 1969 - 1971 the body was detachable from the chassis. The Renault 16 engine was mounted just behind the back of the driver leaving some space above the gearbox for some luggage. Also in the fron a small luggage compartment was provided. The lotus Europa is a true Lotus; the ride and handling was and is absolutely on on the highest level of sports performance. In 1972 The Lotaus Europa S2 was succeeded by the Europa Twin-Cam and in 1973 by the Twin-Cam Special. The Twin Cam boasted a 105 bhp Ford-Lotus engine and the Special was fitted with a 'big valve' unit delivering a healthy 126 bhp from 1558 cc cylinder displacement. A desirable and practical Lotus sports car!

Technical data*

Four cylinder in-line engine (Lotus DOHC 'Big Valve')
cylinder capacity: 1558 cc.
induction: 2 x twin choke Weber
capacity: 126 bhp at 6500 rpm.
torque: 153 Nm at 5500 rpm
top-speed: 204 km/h - 127 mph
acceleration 0-60 km/h: 6.6 sec.
transmission: 5-speed manual gearbox
brakes: disc brakes front, drum brakes rear
weight: 711 kg.

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