Volvo 1800 S, 1967
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Volvo 1800 S, 1967

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Volvo 1800 S, Jahr 1967. Farbe dunkelgrün mit einer Beigeleder-Innenausstattung und dunkelgrauem Teppichboden. Dieser wundervolle Volvo 1800 S wurde in 1967 neu verkauft in den Niederlanden. Das Auto wurde in der Vergangenheit restauriert und viele schöne originale Details sind dabei erhalten geblieben. Dieser schöne Volvo 1800 S ist in einem sehr guten Zustand! Das Auto verfügt über Leder-Polsterung, Overdrive und original 15-Zoll-Stahlräder mit Chrom Rad Kappen. Diese Volvo 1800 S fährt perfekt!


Volvo P1800 S, 1966

The Volvo P 1800 is undoubtedly the most elegantly, exquisitely and dynamically designed Volvo of the twentieth century. The Volvo P 1800 was designed by Per Petterson who was employed at 'carrosseria Frua' those days.

The Volvo P 1800 came onto the market in 1961 as a coupe and was initially built at Jensen’s in England. The P1800 became world-famous for the series of "The Saint" in the 1960s, with Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the leading role.
After building 6000 cars in 1963, production of the P 1800 was relocated to Sweden, and the car was then named the P1800 "S" (Sverige).
In September 1969, the P1800 E came onto the market with a Bosch fuel injection system, a modified dashboard and had disc brakes all around. The P1800 ES estate /coupe came onto the market in 1971.

Technical data

Four-cylinder Volvo B18 B engine
2 S.U. carburettors
cylinder capacity: 1780 cc.
capacity: 115 bhp.
gearbox: 4 speed+ overdrive
weight: 1070 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers