Facel Vega FV2B, 1956 restoration
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Facel Vega FV2B, 1956 restoration

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This fantastic 1956 Facel Vega FV2B was fully restored by Amicale Facel Holland (AFH). The automobile was fully disassembled and body off restored. The body work was restored from the bare metal and finished in the beautiful Facel colour ‘Torch Red’. The chassis and all mechanics were fully restored and overhauled. Many new parts were used, parts which are being fabricated brand new by AFH and which are available for worldwide delivery.
The magnificent interior was also beautifully restored. The steel dashboard facia was, like original, very skilfully painted with a new wood structure. All gauges were restored and overhauled. The original black leather was reconditioned and used again, this to preserve the vintage atmosphere.

This fine Facel Vega was purchased by a German client who had some safety extras fitted. AFH installed safety harnesses and headrests on the front seats.
The automobile was first shown at the 2014 Concours d’Élégance Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn the Netherlands. In 2015 the Facel FV2B participated in the Silvretta Classic Rallye which took the participants through Austria and Switzerland.

Contact AFH in case you want to have your Facel Vega Restored to top condition!

Technical data*

V8 engine (Cgrysler HEMI S-24)
cylinder capacity: 5413 cc.
induction: 1 Carter 'four barrel' WCFB carburettor
capacity: 285 bhp (SAE) at 4400 rpm.
to-speed: approx. 120 mph - 200 km/h.
gearbox: 4, manual (Pont-a-Mousson)
weight: 1660 kg.

*Source: Facel Vega 'Grand Luxe Sportif'

Facel Vega history

The French company Facel (Forges et Ateliers de Construction due’s et Loir) was first established in 1938 as a manufacturer of stainless steel products for the aircraft industry. After the second world war Facel began constructing automobile bodies for Simca, Ford France and Panhard.
In those days, the company was under the leadership of Jean Daninos.
Jean Daninos had always dreamt of manufacturing his own design of super car; the "Grand Routier" or in other words, a luxurious, comfortable and practical 4-person sports car. 1954 saw this dream become a reality with the introduction of the first ever Facel automobile onto the market, the Facel Vega FV1, equipped with a powerful and trustworthy American V8 Chrysler motor.

The addition of the Chrysler motor meant that Facel was one of the first manufacturers to combine European styled body work with a big reliable American V8...
The Facel Vega's were expensive and highly exclusive but they sold well, particularly amongst film stars and the rich and famous. With the passage of time the newer models became increasingly more expensive as extra improvements and features were introduced. At the end of the 1950’s, Facel had a motor designed specifically for use in a smaller model, the Facellia.
Unfortunately, these motors had so many teething problems that the huge amount of warranty claims they caused led the company into serious financial difficulties. The last ever models of the Facel line were fitted with Volvo P1800 (Facel III) and Austin Healey 150 pk six cylinder motors ( Facel 6). In 1964 this proud automobile finally went out of production.
Facel Vegas are cherished by enthusiasts all over the world to this very day. This extremely unique class of vehicle can easily be placed alongside classic makes such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley en Lagonda. Even though Facel did not manufacture it’s own motors, it is safe to say that the vehicle commonly known as the "Grand Routiers" of automobiles is of absolute top class and continues to leave a deep and lasting impression.

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